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Standard+ Survey 

Standard Survey

Our standard survey is the most frequently required and covers all the typical aspects of a full measured survey including, full floor plans, Elevations, 2x sections and roof plan as standard. 

Measured Building Surveys

"Specialists in measured Buildings          survey's for over 10 year." 

At ArchiSurveys, we provide essential measured building surveys for architects, planners, and builders as well as home owners. 

To ensure precision, we employ proven techniques and precise survey equipment such as Leica reflectorless total stations, Leica 3D laser scanning equipment, and GPS systems. We also utilise traditional sketching and hand measurement when necessary. 

Our surveys are highly accurate, conducted efficiently, and meticulously detailed. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor projects according to their specific requirements, delivering within agreed timeframes.

With ten years working closely with laser scanners & point clouds and having measured buildings of every form, use and size, Measured building surveys are our speciality. 

We're pleased to provide highly competitive reduced fees for clients seeking more basic drawings or when surveying is required for only a specific portion of a property.

Basic & partial surveys

The standard + survey  incorporates all the elements found in our standard survey, accompanied by the additional drawings such as internal elevations, ceiling plans, and electrical outlet locations.


Deliverables - 2D Autocad drawing, PDF


 Export Formats - DWG, PDF, DFX


Source Platform - Terrestrial Laser Scanning,Total Station, Level, GPS, UAV

measured building survey comes with the following as standard


Floor Plans 

Our floorplan survey offers a comprehensive depiction of a structure, utilising cutting-edge technology for precise  measurements. We create meticulously drafted top-view drawings tailored to your requirements, providing a concise blueprint for seamless renovations or redesigns. This invaluable visual representation facilitates the work of architects and builders, ensuring accurate execution of projects.


Discover the inner workings of a building with our precise section drawings. These meticulously crafted representations provide a vertical slice, revealing the relationship between internal and external structures. They showcase wall thickness, floor details, beams, and more. Much like our elevations, two sections through the main axes of the structure are regularly required at the same time as any floor plans and come as standard with our complete measured building survey. 

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Roof Plans

Uncover hidden roof details with our comprehensive plans. Highlighting ridge lines,Hips, slopes, vents, and more, they provide valuable insights, even in hard-to-access areas. Our accurate plans guide renovations and repairs, supporting your construction and maintenance projects with precision.

elevation 5.png


Our laser scanner captures detailed external elevations, showcasing the finest intricate details and all structural elements. These accurate and comprehensive survey drawings support your design and construction projects. Trust us for precise and detailed elevation documentation.

elevation 6.png

Electrical outlet

As a bolt-on to your measured building survey, we are sometimes required to produce a plan of any electrical outlets. We are happy to map out the locations of any plug sockets, wall and ceiling lighting, electrical services and any fix electrically powered units with your property. 

 Ceiling Plans

Capture intricate ceiling details with our precise reflective ceiling plans. Using advanced scanning technology, we survey ornate designs, beams, lighting, alarms, vents, sprinklers, and more. These plans complement our floorplans, enhancing survey detail and streamlining building redesigns. Trust us for comprehensive and efficient reflective ceiling plans.

Stone by stone

We use our HD 3d laser scanner to capture fine internal wall details for rework & documentation purposes. Internal elevations will document any feature on any given wall of a building. This may include; Lighting fittings, plug sockets, Coving, cornices, ornate stone and plaster work and many other architectural features. 

Our stone-by-stone surveys meticulously document the intricate details, capturing the essence and historical significance of structures. Every stone holds a story, and our laser scanner ensures the highest measurement accuracy, enabling accurate preservation and restoration efforts.

 For a small fee further drawings can be added to the survey:


Internal Elevations 

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