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 Export Formats - IMP, LGS, LGSx, E57, RTS & others


Source Platform - Terrestrial Laser Scanning,Total Station, GPS, UAV


- 2D CAD Drawing

3D Laser Scanning 

ArchiSurveys utilises state of the art laser technology for millimetre accurate surveys. Our  scanning equipment captures up to millions of geo-referenced points per minute, and is accurate to within 5mm up to a distances of 300m. 

We offer an advanced and flexible solution to meet all your measuring needs. Laser scanning is widely used for rapid data capture in various infrastructure projects, including buildings, motorways, railways, bridges, construction sites, and façades.

With 10 years working on a daily basis with point clouds, we can effortlessly work with this form of data. We deliver data in formats compatible with software products designed for point cloud data handling. 

Laser Scanning applications 

Highly detailed Heritage surveys

 Measured Building Surveys

 Site and structural Monitoring

                3D Revit modelling

    BIM (Building information modelling)

Right to Light, Daylighting/Sunlighting analysis

Detailed bridge surveys

Measured building surveys

Inaccessible areas- measured to millimetre accurately to 300m

The Stables, Church Lane, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Tel: 07885540300

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